Technology hates me.

First my cell phone. (which is still broken – the new one should be here anyday!) and now, my computer. As I mentioned yesterday, I had been at the apple store WAY too many times in the last week. When I walked in this morning the manager (who is from my home town!) Just looked at me, laughed and said “OH NO! YOU’RE BACK AGAIN!?!I just laughed and made a B-line right for the GENIUS Bar where I was still greeted with smiles 🙂 So sad to say that its definitely a hardware issue which means I had to leave my little baby for a few days. So with no cell phone (well half a cell phone that works when it feels like it!) and no computer – you would think I’d HAVE to spend my evening cleaning this discusting house right? wrong. 🙂 I’m going to pour myself some wine and sit on our big ol’ couch and RELAX…. something I think I forget how to do! But don’t worry – I broke out the old dinosaur laptop that weighs 35 lbs. and barely gets online. I’m really trying to keep up with my blogging so there you have it!

Oh the little bear note – we had a rough day.. instead of the usual 8am wake up- he started his day at 530am????? Woke up crying his little eyes out – I went in to get him and tried to get him to snuggle with us at least until the sun came up but no such luck — we were greeted with a hysterical game of peek-a-boo instead! So we got up – made a LOT of coffee and started the day 🙂 Then at 10am the poor lttle man had to get his 16 month booster shots – ohhhhhhhhhh he was a mad boy! He sure is growing up fast – everyday he seems to be figuring out more and more about this world – i LOVE to watch him make discoveries! 🙂

Anyways – Just wanted to drop a quick note – I promise to be posting some pictures when my little baby returns.


  • Jake - KeriYour laptop is anything but little lol. Still very jealous I dont have a mac yet 🙁 Hope it gets fixed real soon because you wouldnt want to be without a laptop after we learn all of our new PS tricks on thursday!!

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