terrible no good very bad blogger!

my oh my i have been a bad blogger… i can’t believe how long it has been since my last post… does that really say MARCH 17th?? wow… thats terrible!!!

I have lots of updates to come in the next week or so… I had a awesome session with the Riley boys last week – Jen I can’t wait to show you the images – Thanks for being so patient!

We are also changing servers and a few programs so things are a bit slower then normal and we really appreciate your patience with placing orders etc. but hopefully it will be all set and running by the end of the weekend! you are always welcome to email me directly if you have an immediate question.

Lots of sessions coming up in the next few weeks as the nice weather is approaching — so excited to get to know so many awesome families… If you’re interested in booking a session this spring feel free to contact us asap as we book a few weeks out!

Here it is – out in the open so i HAVE to make good on my promise.. i WILL post updates AND images very very soon!!!

THANK YOU for being loyal blog readers — I promise to try to be better… its just been a bit chaotic since we moved, made all these new business changes, website changes etc…. but the best part is it will all be done soon AND it will be ROCKIN!!!

hugs to all of you…xoxoxo


  • Armin de Fiesta - Hey Keri I feel your pain, I’m behind on blogging myself and have had to pick and choose what goes up. Have fun updating!

  • Deb - Awesome website Kerri!

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