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Well, hello.

Look at that – Second week in a row, Thoughts on Thursday!   Must be the fun new website I just can’t get enough of! Alright now.. and we’re off…

1. New shopping cart feature for the business.  I am moving onto my new venture since the blogsite is up – I just purchased a new shopping cart program for my clients and I am pretty excited about it. I know it’s going to streamline ordering and make things much easier for clients that don’t want an ordering session with me and want to place their order right online! It is super user friendly and really clean. It will integrate perfectly with the blogsite.

2. Spring. It’s about time, isn’t it!? I’m just ignoring the fact that its actually snowing right now out my window because the calendar says, ‘Spring.’ I’m going with that.

3. I am getting all kinds of notices about summer camps and activities and programs – Summer is coming up quick! That’s crazy since it seems like we just had summer not too long ago? Again, as it is snowing outside my window.. bring on the heat! I hope I can remember these cold days when its 98 degrees and everyone’s complaining that its so hot! 🙂

4. This picture from the amazing Joe McNally makes my hands sweat. If you know me, you know that I’m not the biggest fan of heights. And by not the biggest fan, I mean I don’t even like going up on an 8 ft ladder.

5. This is week three of being “Gluten-Free.”  I have suffering from a variety of issues and it was suggested to me to give it a shot and see if there was any correlation… within 3 days I saw a dramatic shift. I had energy, I wasn’t suffering from this mental fog anymore, I was alert, I wasn’t freezing anymore, my stomach was calmer, and most of all, I was just happy again. 3 days was enough for me.. I have been marching on this journey since.  Now, I have had a blood test that says I do not have a true Celiac allergy but I can absolutely tell you gluten still had an effect on me.  I am about half way through the book Wheat Belly and it is absolutely fascinating just how much this toxin affects our bodies. If you have a few minutes, you can  check out Dr. William Davis’ blog here Wheat Belly Blog if you want to start somewhere and get the gist of it.   One of the first things I read shocked me.. Dr. Davis says ‘Eating two slices of whole wheat bread can increase blood sugar more than eating two (2) tablespoons of pure sugar.”  Shocking, right? Dr. Davis explains exactly why and how this affects us. You can get this book at Amazon or any bookstore. He also explains while the ‘eat more whole grains’ epidemic is wrecking havoc on our health. Its fascinating if you’re interested.

*Sidenote: So let’s just be clear, I have mostly cut out breads and pasta. I know the food industry sneaks gluten into everything (Salad dressing, soy sauce, etc) but there are tons of foods that are gluten free that I eat anyway.  Making the jump for the kids is a little more difficult, although they don’t eat a lot of breads anyway .. Pasta, yes, but I made rice pasta macaroni and cheese the other night and they didn’t notice any difference (which is HUGE if you know my Jackson aka Mr. Picky!) But we eat a lot of fruits and veggies anyway – naturally gluten free!   I am still new to this, so any advice or suggestions from fellow gluten-freeers would be great! I’d love to hear what you have to say.

6. Do you love flowers? And even more a place to by Local Fresh Flowers?! I know, me too. I have an unreasonable love for fresh flowers on my counter in the kitchen. I love how bright they are, I love how happy they make me. But what I love even more is sharing my sweet friend Melissa’s business with you – She is the amazing mama who owns and operates Aster b. Flowers — Right in Ipswich, MA. I know, local, beautiful, organic, awesomness. So if you’re looking to freshen up your own kitchen counter, Melissa just announced that she is going to be doing a CSA for the summer too — If you’re intersted check it out here: Aster b. CSA and other retail locations

7. I have succumbed to bribery.  Jackson had a horrified dentist experience (which I’ll spare you of!) but ever since then he has been terrfied of going back.. with two throbbing teeth we decided to attempt it again and hope for the best.  After long talks of positive thinking, and really focusing on how awesome and brave he is, he walked in to see one of our dearest friends and dentist.  Just before leaving the house, I may have agreed to a new app for the kindle if he did great. I’m not sure if it was all the positive thinking and talking, or if it was the app, but I’m happy to report, we managed to get 2 fillings in. Hey – better than a lolipop, right!?

8. Don’t worry, the little Ladybug Molly girl is also savvy to bribery. She does a dance class every week and has recently decided that its ‘too loud’ with the tap shoes on so she has a weekly freakout for a few minute and ultimately comes out hopping around because she had so much fun. Go figure. But, the deal she has is because she has a real recital in May, she gets to wear a teeny tiny, itty bitty, bit of makeup. The idea of that, yep, sold the deal. Oh lord, what is going to happen to me in 9 years… sounds like trou-ble.

9. Daylight savings rocks. I love it. It’s so awesome to be finishing up dinner and its still light out — right?! I mean really, there is something so much more enjoyable about having daylight later into the evening.. not to mention the warmer air is coming which means playing outside after dinner? Sign. us. up!

10.  I cannot believe March is almost over. The year is flying by, it’s hard to believe really. But, I am excited for April as the calendar has a bunch of squishy little newborns I am just thrilled to get my hands and camera on! If you are thinking about booking a Spring session – be sure to book soon as weekends do fill up quickly!
Until then just stretching every minute I can. Trying to keep up with the munchkins and family and this amazing job I’m so blessed to have. Remembering to take a few minutes to breathe it in.

Be well, Be kind.



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