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A funny thing happens when you are busy going about your own life and navigating this journey a little bit at a time each day… The idea has occurred to me quite often lately, as so many beautiful families are sharing their memories with me –  many of which I have known for a good part of my life.  This awesome family is no exception! When I worked at Manchester Summer Playground as a counselor for (too many years!) I would see the same familiar faces over the years — but then, after I graduated college, got my masters, had my own kids, (you know, the life thing,) I got wrapped up in my seasons of my own life.   Well,  apparently these guys kept growing up too!

When their Mom wanted to schedule a family session I was thrilled as I have known these guys for years and its always so fun capturing memories for families I know. When she told me how old they were, I nearly fell over. How is that possible! In my head I swear they are all still under 12!  At any rate, when we got together for our session, to see everyone all grown up was tough to just get over! Sounds funny but its true! It’s kind of like when I see kids I had in my class when I was teaching and now I see them as college kids! Craziness.

Anyways – Susan, Jim and the crew met me at another beautiful seaside location to capture these memories as a family and I’m so glad they did!

It was so wonderful to see all of you guys! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone!  Thanks for sharing these moments with me!

Much Love,


If you’re on my facbeook page you have seen this – but I just had to share it here because its just so fun! Every once and a while you take a killer test shot and it just works … this was definitely one of those!


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