Today I am Thankful for…


On this thanksgiving i have so many amazing things to be thankful for. I could list many many things but i’ll keep it to a few…

1. my amazing wonderful husband – without your love and support i wouldn’t be half of where i am/who i am today. Every day I am thankful I get to spend my life with my best friend!
2. my beautiful unbelievable son – you are the light of my life and i am so proud to be your mommy – thank you for choosing me!
3. my fantastic family who has helped me become who i am and has given me love, strength and guidance always.
4. my very special true friends – you know who you are and i know how grateful i am for you – thank you for always being there and for all the awesome memories we’ve created!
5. my health, the health of our family and all of our friends.
6. my faith – without my faith i wouldnt be anywhere!
7. my amazing photography teachers and friends – without you i know i wouldn’t be following my dream – you have given me more then i could have ever dreamed of – i will always be grateful for your open hearts and precious friendships.
8. and last but not least, my awesome clients who have been so good to me this year. I cannot thank you enough for sharing special moments in your life with me – I am honored t be a part of each and every one of your families. I am so blessed to have met you all!

I have so many amazing things to be grateful for but if I wrote them all here we’d be here for days – so I kept it simple 🙂

We spent the day with our entire family – everyone – together! We are so blessed to have so many people in our family to celebrate with. Thank you all for being there – everything was wonderful and it was so much fun to all be together! Between ‘strawberries’ on the cheesecake and ‘antioxident’ drinks – we had a day full of laughter …. and what more can you ask for?

We love you all… here are some favorites….

CLICK HERE for the slideshow of the day… (***NOTE*** I put them all up so i KNOW there are a lot of Jackson but I just kept them all together — Don’t say I didnt warn ya!)

  • Deanna - A couple of things:1. who’s house is that? LOVE the table set up!! so pretty!!2. place cards are adorable!!3. mini chuck taylors. nuff said.4. “wedding photographer” YAY!

  • Andrea - Keri, I am finally getting a chance to catch up on my bolg reading, and girl, that TTD session was AMAZING! Seriously great stuff there lady! I am so glad you had a great Thanksgiving. Friends, family and good food always make a perfect day.

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