twilight zone

i’m pretty sure thats where we live. the twilight zone. this house hunting has been a circus – and thats an understatement! We have seen some places that are unbelievable – some nice places — too nice! and some just don’t fit for what we need… heres a recap of some of our favorite house hunting moments…
-house listing with only 2 bathrooms – 0 rooms, 0 bedrooms, just 2 bathrooms??? haha…
-house with no porch but we got to climb up a ladder!
-house that has slanted ceilings in every room which makes putting anything but a bed in there impossible.
-house that the ceiling as as tall as Rick!
-house that is listed as a 2 bedroom but is really a 1 bedroom but ‘some people have used this as a bedroom’ even though its
was a sliding glass door which was a main entrance into the building???
-finding the perfect house only to learn its not deleaded. GRRRRRRRRRR…
-and my personal favorite – the haunted place. Yep thats right – it was on the old Danvers State Hospital Insane Asylum grounds. Rick was more worried that it was set on fire and burned to the ground and they never found the cause — I”M more concerned with the SPIRITS LIVING THERE…. talk about bad karma. I knew when we drove up there something felt erie — little did I know what grounds we were on…

We had an appt. to view a condo today – I wanted to double check the address so I asked the Google Gods… This was the
First Information I found on Danvers State Hospital – Insane Asylum (WARNING: NOT FOR CHILDREN. on second thought – not even for ME since im such a scaredy cat!!!!) Needless to say – we cancelled our showing. No WONDER its vacant and has so many ‘specials’ hahahahahhahah… can you (that know me) imagine me living there??? NOT ON FOR A GAZILLION DOLLARS. I don’t do creepy.

Maybe the lady in the window would have come for dinner?!…. CREEEEPPPPYYY – (*i am not a fan of horror movies, scary shows or even scary stories) – it goes without saying that this was all i thought/dreamed about last night since I watched it just be for bed…

where are we looking you might ask? … NORTH SHORE OF BOSTON.. the freakin most expensive place ever to live in. Oh don’t worry, we’ve entertained the idea of moving a bit further away or even out of state but after looking around in surrounding towns we realized we can even go 4 towns over let alone another state … not with our situation and having so much help from my family while Rick’s gone.. and that means back to the drawing board.

So, between unlivable rooms, lead filled houses, and haunted living space we may just stay where we are for another year.. which really is NOT what we were hoping for but with time running out we need to make a decision…. anyone have any other ideas?!?! 🙂

I have to admit, through all of this we have definitely had many laughs together – I’m so grateful I have the type of husband and relationship that brings us closer during chaos instead of driving a steak between us… So often chaos can add stress between people but I believe it definitely brings us together.. for that I’m grateful. Love you babe.

So the search has another few days and then we have to decide.. Pray for us – I’m not sure how much harder we can pray!!!


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