Two amazing blessings.


Jackson and Molly,
Today is Mother’s Day and it is the first Mother’s day that I am blessed to have TWO children call me Mommy!  My very first Mother’s Day was such a special day for me – a day to celebrate not only being a new Mom myself, but to celebrate seeing my own Mom in a new light – what a gift!  Now, as a second little miracle calls me Mommy, this Mother’s Day I feel just as blessed to have been chosen by another amazing soul to call me Mommy.  You both have given me far more then I ever dreamed.  You have both made me laugh more, cry more (both happy and sad tears!), live more, and be more grateful then any other time in my life.  Although I am supposed to be teaching you, you both teach me something new every single day.  Your smiles melt my heart, your giggles bring my tears of joy, your chubby little hands wrapped around my neck fill my soul.  You are my everything. You are my forever. I love you with all that I have.  Thank you for making me your Mommy…
I love you to the moon and back…
From my kids to your heart:


Happy Mother’s Day to all you Amazing, Beautiful, Unbelievable Mom’s!

Much Love


  • MOM - To my beautiful baby girl, with 3 hours to go ~ I wanted to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!!! I can’t begin to tell you how blessed I have been watching your journey as you become a MOM. Those 3 little letters carry so much weight ~ a weight that bring so much joy and happiness ~ your heart will feel like it wants to explode. I tried to bottle up those little moments of you swinging on the swing ~ swinging at your first pitch ~ pitching your first sales plea with Girls Scout Cookies ~ cookie crumbs that left a trail of stolen morsels all over your face ~ faces of joys, sorrow, tears, broken hearts and hearts that were jumping for joy over special moments. To watch how very far you have come on your path sometimes takes my breath away. You meet the challenges of being a wife, with a joyful heart, you meet the tasks of being a mom with a grateful heart. That is what life is all about for you ~ is giving of yourself. The foundation that was set for you in your youth, is now your building block. The walls of your true self are strong and secure. Grow strong baby girl in your journey ~ continue on the path you walk today for a stronger tomorrow ~ my prayer for you is all of the angels in heaven watch over you and guide you ~ trust in your soul, it knows the way to go~ follow your dreams ~ soak up every moment of being a mom~ be present in each moment and you will grow by leaps and bounds ~ and always, always remember I am here for you and I love you to the moon and back!!! You have my heart forever, MOM.

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