big surprise.. theres been a blogging lull!  well I figured I better get my butt in gear and actually get on an update so here it is…
Last week our good friends Rylan and Colin came by for a very fun playdate.. Not only did Jackson LOVE having them here – but they gave him a new favorite addition to our Thomas the Train gear — The Very Useful Shed!  We have been trying to get together since Jackson birthday but somehow things just kept coming up – Since they missed his party we celebrated last week together – Not to mention he also got his very own (wooden) Percy train… BIG TIME in our house!  As if these two could get any cuter, right!!  Don’t you just want to smooch his face!

And his big bro playing trains on the train table of course!

The next day we headed out for a walk to feed the ducks, get mommy a coffee, and visit the fire trucks too… JUST OUR LUCK! as we approached the train station guess what we saw…. The train was pulling in!!! This might be one of Jacksons favorite every day events — He asks every single time we get in the car if we’re going to see a choo-choo!  “Maybe a choo-choo, mama’ is usually what he says… Lucky for him we live near the commuter rail and it makes often stops near us… When we don’t see the train he is always quick to point out ‘Choo-choo in Boston, mama..’… smart boy 🙂

Over the weekend we headed to Nana and Papa’s for dinner and a visit… Another favorite place of Jackson’s these days!  After all, feeding the fish is a BIG deal!!  He was down on the grass with papa but when he glanced up at me I grabbed this shot – He looks like he’s 8 years old, don’t ya think!?

But don’t worry – he didn’t stand still for long!  Papa picked him up just in time for another quick picture before feeding the fish (again!)  Silly boys!!! They sure are getting to be best buddys lately! 🙂

Tonight we had dinner at Mimi and Grampy’s… Lucky for Jackson he even weaseled in a tubby too!  
Meet Baby Molly.  Yep thats right, she is a ‘Little People baby’ but if you ask Jackson, it’s Baby Molly.  He has a container full of Little People that he has named – mommy, daddy, baby molly etc… he brings them into the bath and has all sorts of stories about them.  This here – this is Baby Molly getting ready for a swim.. in her hat, blanket, bassinet and all!

and after a swim, she has to go to bed… Good Night in your pink bed Baby Molly!!

Now this face – Oh if only you could have seen the splashing!  This shot ended the bath as he SOAKED mommy (love my water resistant canon!) with a GIANT splash… needless to say he thought it was a riot!

One last picture.  Can you stand the cuteness?  I don’t know what I love more – his little chicken legs or his little belly button in the mirror!  Jackson has become very interested in the potty -peeing on the potty to be exact!  He will ask to go lately so we run into the bathroom – put the Diego seat on the potty and he does it!  Granted there is a little bribery involved with some mini m&m’s but hey- he’s interested!  I did not push this – suggest it – or even bring it up!  He started asking one day so we decided to let it happen if he’s interested.  We picked up some ‘Thomas Undies’ as he calls them so we can actually try to bunker down for a few days and give this potty training thing a shot.. If he doesn’t quite get it – we’ll give it another few months – but if he’s interested I figure we better give it a go!.. I’m sure there are more potty updates to be made in the future.. for now check out that little toosh!!!  (We let him try them on last night before he got his jammies on just to see what he’d think.. he couldn’t get over it! He stood in the mirror in our room looking at himself cracking up for a good 5 minutes!!… so silly!!)

Whew!  So theres the update — Thanks for stickin with us!  This week is flying by — I have lots of work to do and lots to catch up on but hopefully I’ll get back to blogging often again soon… thanks for checking in on us!
Love and hugs…

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